3 Ways to Safely let Babies be Babies

Your baby's physical exploration and brain development are closely tied. There are several things you can do around your home to keep your child safe from injury while still allowing them the freedom to explore. Here are three steps to take for your peace of mind.

Take Appropriate Safety Measures

Look around your house and do some child-proofing. Put away your fragile items for a few years until your little one is big enough to know what can be touched and what should be left alone. If possible, consider moving breakables to a separate, off-limits area of the house.

Also, when you are laving the house, make sure you have the right car seat. Settling your child safely into their car seat can give both of you comfort. Modern car seats have a way of wrapping around the child to provide them with the best protection and comfort, and you can enjoy the satisfying clicking sound that happens when the seat is properly locked in place. You also don't need to spend a great deal of money - for example, many hospitals allow you to rent if you don't have the funds to obtain the appropriately-sized car seat.

You Can’t Control, So Best to Contain

Your baby will, at some point in their development, decide that every object within reach needs to go directly in their mouth. For parents with concerns about hygiene, this can be worrisome. However, there's really no stopping this process, so simply do your best to contain the baby somewhere so that their access is limited.

Store as much as possible out of their reach. Gates and playpens will make your life easier and reduce your worries. Hang a swing off heavy-duty hooks in doorways so that your little one can hang around you as you work, clean or cook. They're happy to watch and you can easily keep an eye on them. Also, remember that babies love to share and participate. They will hold out their pacifier to the dog for just a lick, then put it back their mouths before you can get to them. Yes, this happens to everyone, don’t worry - just try to keep it to a minimum as best you can.

Encourage Crawling and Walking

This might seem counter intuitive, but trust us. Once your baby is strong enough, they'll likely start crawling around the room and even pulling themselves up against furniture. While you may not be able to fathom why you would ever want to restrict this movement, it does increase the risk of accident. When possible, enjoy your time with baby as they learn to explore their surroundings and use their body.

Let your child explore. Your child is driven by natural instincts that help them learn how to interact with their world. But these strategies can help them do so without getting hurt. For safety's sake, be ready to put things higher or put them away. The playpen that once held your baby safely may become a protective barrier for your china cabinet or a Christmas tree in a few years to keep your toddler from pulling it over. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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