A Couple Things You Should Know About Broken Bones

Since children are so active, it’s inevitable that some child somewhere at some time is going to have a mishap and break a bone. Though broken bones are a common part of the childhood experience, it is scary for all involved, especially with young children who have limited vocabulary or are pre-verbal! A parent or guardian should suspect a broken bone if the child is in severe pain and if the foot, arm, leg, hand, finger or other body part where the bone is found either can’t work the way it should, can’t bear the child’s weight anymore and is bruised and swollen. An arm, leg, finger or toe can also be at an odd angle. Here are two things parents should know if they suspect their child has a broken bone.

They All Need Medical Attention

According to Kids Health, every broken bone needs prompt medical attention because broken bones can tear blood vessels, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Setting the bone properly supports its healing the right way. The parent should perform the RICE procedure, if possible. This means resting the area, icing it, compressing it and elevating it, ideally above the level of the heart.

Treatment for Broken Bones

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the treatment for a bone fracture depends on its severity. Most bones are put in a cast or splint that immobilizes them to help them heal well. Traction stretches the surrounding tissue of the bone in a certain direction to help the bone line up properly and knit back together. Sometimes, broken bones are repaired by the surgical placement of metal pins or rods. These can be internal or external.

The good news about children and broken bones is that their bones heal much faster than the bones of grown-ups. But it’s important that a caregiver start treating a suspected fracture right away and call for medical help. This goes a long way in assuring that the break heals completely.

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